House Checks in Kailua, HI

When you leave on vacation, for a business trip, or for any other reason, your home sits unattended for days and maybe weeks at a time. Kailua Pet Sitters, Inc., offers professional and trusted house checks in Kailua, HI, so that your home isn’t left completely unattended. If you want someone to periodically check your home while you’re gone, give us a call.

What Our Services Include

Whether you are simply leaving your home for the majority of one day or you have plans for a two-week vacation, you can trust Kailua Pet Sitters, Inc. We can help with house checks to pick up your mail, water plants, take out the trash, or do any other similar job. We can stop by for one day or for multiple days.

If you have a pet, our house checks and pet care includes things like feeding them, walking them, and just providing them with the company they need while you’re away.

Whether you have dogs who need company to stay happy or you simply want someone to make sure your trash gets taken out on time, we can help. No matter how long you’ll be gone, give Kailua Pet Sitter, Inc., a call to see how we can help.

What Sets Us Apart

We’ve been in business for nearly 10 years, and we’re insured and bonded for our line of work. We offer free consultations and peace of mind for anyone who’s leaving their home. We strive to be dependable and caring for your home and your pets, and we make your property’s safety our number one priority.

If you have a pet and you’re leaving on vacation soon or if you don’t have a pet and you just want someone to care for your home, contact us today at (808) 721-8318.